Sandefjord, 10.04.2018

GSGroup from Sandefjord, Norway is a leader in services and systems for mobile data capture solutions. The company is currently experiencing solid growth in the German market, and is now setting up a new office in Hamburg. This is much needed to accommodate the growing demand from the important transport market in northern Europe.
The German transport industry is undergoing significant digitalization and automation process. This means that the demand for digital sensors and data collection products is high. A huge opportunity for GSGroup, who are experts in the field.
“The Germans are highly appreciated of us having acquired our expertise and experience in delivering high quality products and solutions over time. In addition, we get many positive references from major international customers. This gives confidence to other central decision-makers and we believe that is the main reason for the increased activity level “says Morten Berntsen, Director Project Sales and Business Development in GSGroup.

Special competence
It is the company’s many solutions for fleet management, temperature control, asset tracking and other transport-related tasks that particularly is growing.
-We are proud to deliver market leading products within this field. We develop our products in Norway, with a high focus on user experience and customer satisfaction. All our products are very accurate and meet the highest industry standards. This means, among other things, that we deliver sensors that are highly reliable, an essential key for monitoring temperature sensitive areas. Such could be cargo spaces for the transportation of food and medicines, states Berntsen.

13 offices and counting
From its current office location in Dortmund, GSGroup has been present in the German market for many years. This spring, the company establishes its latest office in Hamburg to meet the growing demand from the transport industry in. Hamburg makes it luck number 13!
-Germany is an important strategic market for us, and Hamburg is one of the most important hubs for transportation throughout Europe. By establishing ourselves here, we are even closer to the many major transport- and logistics businesses in this area, Berntsen explains.

Industry knowledge
Anselm Brackert, previously the Managing Director of Paul Günther GmbH, has been appointed responsible for setting up the new organization.
-With Brackert leading the establishment of our Hamburg office, we have obtained a skilled resource with significant experience in the transport and logistics industry. His experience and network within this sector is an important part of this venture, says Berntsen.

Looking forward
Across Europe, mobile data capture is becoming increasingly important for more and more businesses and industries. Now, GSGroup is well equipped for further growth.
-We operate in an exciting and forward-looking industry, and are working hard to stay ahead of our competition and develop new products. Our clear goal is to grow further and lead the way forward, concludes Berntsen.

About GSGroup
GSGroup AS is a leading European supplier of services and systems for mobile data collection solutions. Our product portfolio currently consists of the brands Handyman, Smartday, Guard Systems, Spotguard, and MyFleet. GSGroup has more than 125 000 active subscribers, 170 employees and a solid economy. GSGroup has left another record year with strong growth and sales passing €20mn in 2017.


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