Ways to future-proof your company!

The world is becoming increasingly digitalised. A development that applies to most industries. Here are some tools that will not only give your company a digital boost, but are also quick and easy to introduce into your working day.


Most of us carry our smartphones with us everywhere, and yet only 4 out of 10 service and product companies use apps on their phone as a work tool*. With GSGroup’s user-friendly tools for smartphones, you and your employees can enjoy a simpler and smarter working day. The result: better insight and perspective – and more time to focus on your core business.


Using a manual paper-based administration system is a time thief that you can easily eliminate by replacing it with a digital tool on your mobile instead.

With Field service solutions from GSGroup on your smartphone, you can quickly and easily log new orders, manage hours, document and invoice directly from your mobile – anytime, anywhere. You lose an annoying time thief and gain a better perspective and insight of your business. The result is more time to focus on your core business, which improves efficiency and profitability.


Handyman is a service designed for companies with field-based employees. Studies show that 8 out of 10 companies increase their efficiency after using Handyman**.

Handyman from GSGroup on your mobile allows you to instantly register any information wherever you are. Information is automatically sent to the order and finance system and, thanks to Handyman Office, you keep track of the number of orders. Companies using this service have enjoyed increased productivity and reduced paperwork. Those who work in the field are also more effective. Handyman eliminates many manual routines. Double registrations are avoided and incorrect sources in the invoicing process are also eliminated.

Handyman has a number of additional options, such as: Service Management, Logistics, Resource planning and the Electronic Logbook. Handyman can also integrate with most major accounting systems.


The electronic logbook from GSGroup simplifies your working day and ensures that your company meets tax authorities’ document requirements for company cars.

The TravelLog logbook is suitable for all companies, regardless of size and whether employees have their own, permanent or shared cars. The logbook automatically documents all journeys and saves your company time.

Our aim is to make the logbook as simple as possible. It’s now so easy to use that training is rarely needed. The logbook gives you a more productive working day, and minimum time in the system.


Do you have a large fleet? Then the fleet management tool FleetSystem from GSGroup is ideal to achieve the level of insight and perspective you need for optimum logistics.

A fleet management tool gives you a better overview and simpler administration of your resources, resulting in increased efficiency and in the quality of your services.

FleetSystem is a web-based system with a wide range of functions and options. The system gives a complete overview of the company’s fleet in real time.


Your possessions are mobile, and so are you. That’s why we have made an app that allows you to keep track of the last location of all your possessions – right from your mobile.

Spotguard from GSGroup accurately tells you about the location of your possessions and provides warnings if any of your tools, machines or vehicles are being moved. Should any of them get lost or stolen, you can rest assured that 98% of all objects that have SpotGuard installed, are found again. Most of them within 48 hours.


* Norstat, 2017
** GSGroup Data Report, 2016


Are you wondering which digital tools to choose? We can help you tailor a product package with optimal benefit for your company. Get in touch with GSGroup today, so we can prepare a package adapted to your needs.

GSGroup AS

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